Posted by Mike Foster: Mike on Twitter This past weekend I was listening to the amazing song "Healer" written by Mike Guglielmucci. Worshipers all over the world were crazy about this song and called it annointed by God.

That was until Mike's world fell apart when he admitted to fabricating a story about having cancer. A story that negatively impacted the song "Healer" and the opinions about it.

People were rightfully angry and felt deceived. And so the song Mike had written just sort of disappeared and was dropped from worship set lists across the world.

So here is the idea I want us to discuss. It revolves around our temptation to dismiss the work of a fallen individual.

I believe whatever we are creating is in a constant state of redemption. Why? Because God sees the invisible pride, arrogance and deceit in our hearts as we are creating it. Even when no one else does. And yet he still chooses to use our stuff for beautiful things.

Grace is in constant motion. It has no start or stop.

Truth that is preached by a pre-scandalous preacher is still truth.

Worship songs written by lying songwriters are still beautiful.

Prayers fervently prayed over you by prideful saints, are still heard by God.

We make a mistake when we too quickly throw the beauty out with the betrayal.

Before Mike was caught we sung and loved the words...

"You hold my every moment, You calm my raging seas, You walk with me through fire, And heal all my disease"

Pre-scandal or post scandal, those words are still true and powerful and anointed. For you, me, and Mike.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. What do you think?

Mike Foster