Posted by: Jaimie Jean Valentines Day.

As a child, it was one of my most treasured days of the entire year! Mom and Dad filled the day with red and pink surprises and encouraged us to spend the day with those we loved. . .including our pets.

However, as I got older, the media taught me that it was a day only to be enjoyed by couples in love.

Well, this year, after going through a break up (with the man I thought I would marry), hearing that my Mom was returning to the states from China with breast cancer, and watching my beloved 12-year old dog pass away, Valentines day was not looking too good.

As sad as all of this was, I kept thinking about people who have pain and difficulties so much greater than mine.

How would I share joy and spread love to those who are hurting? How could I find a way to give them a moment of peace and to help them overcome their pain?

A couple weeks ago, my Dad and I were watching a video on YouTube. It was a clip of a Flash Mob.

and that's when it came to me...

We both could not help smiling and then we began to laugh uncontrollably!

The thrill brought to those actually witnessing the event in person was absolutely contagious!

For that moment, It made me forget about the hurts in my own life and focus on the joy of touching the lives of other people.

It reminded me of that one awesome episode of Modern Family.

Immediately, I wanted to be a part of something that made people smile and feel loved despite their pain.

That’s when I decided to organize a worldwide FLASH MOB.

Will you join me in making Valentines Day a day to promote unconditional love, joy, and community?

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