By Michael Maitlen:

“Once you accept your failures, you may come to see them less like disasters and more like the driving force behind future successes.” (- Mike Foster)

I used to be uber insecure about my failures. I still am sometimes. My perfectionism cannot comprehend how that relationship failed again, why I didn’t get promoted at my job, or how I disappointed the people closest to me. There seems to always be just one common denominator -me. Earlier this year I had conversations with four close friends/family members within a span of 7 days about how I had let them down. Each of them was disappointed with me to the point of tears. I was humiliated and embarrassed – also to the point of tears. It was no doubt the roughest 7 days I’ve had with relationships in my life. But I’m grateful for it.

For about two weeks I wallowed in self disappointment and the ‘Woe is me’ curse of Eeyore. Woe is Michael. He can’t do anything right. Look at everyone else who has it together. I doubt he’ll ever figure it out. I was uncertain of how to shake the heaviness or if I even wanted to shake it. Was I punishing myself for my shortcomings? Probably. But it came to a point where I couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn’t live with constant shame and a scarlet letter.

In a moment of vulnerability, while in a safe setting with close friends, I typed ‘I failed at loving the people that love me the most’ into the notepad on my iPhone, and handed it to a friend. He looked at it, hesitated and began typing exactly what I needed to hear. When he gave it back to me it read, ‘I still love you.’ The tears began to flow. This was the truth I needed to hear. That everything was going to be okay. That my friends and family still loved me. That they didn’t see me as a failure or hold my failures against me.

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I heard someone say once that all truth is God’s truth. When my friend told me he still loved me, I knew that was God’s truth to me as well. He knows my failures. He knew they’d happen before I was born. Yet he still chose to forgive me and send His son for me. He still finds me worth loving. He still gives me a second chance. And a 3rd. And a 4th. He won’t stop.

Embrace the opportunity of a second chance today. You’re worth it.

(Reposted with permiossion from Mike's blog, Every Breath is a Second Chance)