By Mike Lane: I have been a pastor for just over ten years. A few years ago, I came to a place of mismatch with my church on many issues and ended up leaving.  The whole thing left me confused and stressed out, wondering why God had sent me to that church in the first place.

I found myself praying for God’s intervention, and even repeated Jesus’ prayer from the Garden of Gethsemane -- “Lord take this cup from me.” But the moment I said that, I instead envisioned Jesus standing before me holding a cup with both hands and overflowing with water.  That’s when I knew he had something different planned.

In January 2009, as an associate pastor at a church 500 miles away, I took a series of trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand to start partnering with local churches there.  Eventually, I met a young man doing relief work with children in Burma.  As he spoke about his work, I could see that overflowing cup of water, and knew something bigger was happening.  Within minutes, I know I’d be back to work with this young man.

After a year of praying, learning, and two more visits, I knew that the cup of water God had shown me was for His children, and my second chance was to be his hands and feet in that place of need.  I visited refugee camps and orphanages, and met children who had endured all manner of horrors, and knew it was time to act.

In April 2010, I started Hope for the Orphans of Burma, which is driven by the desire to empower sustainable communities of hope and peace.  It’s been an incredible journey – and one that is still unfolding.  And all because I saw something more during a prayer years before.

When I prayed for God to “take away” the cup, the answer I hoped for was an end to my confusion and disappointment.  What he showed me instead was a new cup, supported by the gifts I always had and overflowing with promise.

If you ask God for intervention, expect a second chance. That’s how he works, and it’s why I am People of the Second Chance!