crush__by_snowmaskPosted by Mike Foster: Follow Mike on Twitter

My family and I went to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday.

As we were walking around I came across a construction area.

The zoo was building a brand new cage for the Galapagos Turtles.

This new exhibit would take several months to build at a cost $1,200,000. They had a nicely designed sign that shared all the exciting details and listed all the upcoming improvements.

As I stared at the sign this thought hit me...IT'S STILL A CAGE.

Sure it's going to be a nice exhibit. I'm sure the turtles will love it. Everyone at the zoo will be happy but the fact is they are simply upgrading a cage.

Too many times in my life I've upgraded my cage. I've slightly improved my conditions and my circumstances. A little less of this and a little more of that. But I've refused to break through the walls that kept me trapped.

Same bad habits. Tendency to blame others. Downplaying pain instead of dealing with it. Trying to prove something. Image management. Not asking for help. All of this keeps me in the cage.

The turtles don't need a new $1.2 million exhibit. They ultimately need to free. And so do you.

It's time to escape from your own turtle cage.

Mike Foster