Posted by Tony Wood:

A few weeks back, Mike Foster and I were hanging and he started talking about labels.

We all have them, they stick with us, and they suck. I got excited. Mike was already on the calendar to speak at Moment so we began dreaming about a two-week venture where people get honest about labels and then remove them forever.

Two weeks ago Mike delivered a powerful message, people wrote down their lifetime labels on a wristband, and wore them for seven days.

The stories that poured in were complex and powerful as co-workers, fellow students, and even family members sought explanation.

It was interesting how, for some, the tangible reminder on an arm became such a deep reminder of heart-abuse that they tore it off early. I even met one girl who drove two hours to cry with her mom about lifetime pain.

Then Sunday, we talked about Confessions. Breanne and I started by getting honest about our labels and then talked about how ignoring the whispers of the evil one, refusing to cover up, and not hiding from God, complete the first step in REMOVING old labels forever.

Then, to close the service, hundreds chose to accept Romans 8:16 and PUT ON their new label as a child of God by bearing wristbands that simply stated, “I’m His.”

The beautiful depths of God’s design is what was pulled out these past two weeks. To think that from the beginning in the garden God wanted transparency, freedom, and a lack of shame. But, Satan distorted that. And, with his conniving wiles has allowed 40 billion humans to walk around with a disfigured view of their destiny in God.

Thanks to the POTSC crew for an amazing two weeks and thanks to Jesus for giving up all so that I can view God as Father and proudly declare, “I’m His.”

Mike Foster