Posted by Mike Foster: Exploiting someone's self destruction is deplorable. It's vulture culture on full display.

Yet if you happened to turn on CNN, ABC and NBC yesterday you would of seen interviews with Charlie Sheen. (And no, I'm not linking the footage.)

These opportunistic news agencies fed us images of a man self destructing and wrestling through his years of addiction. Clearly something has gone horribly wrong in Charlie Sheen's life and he needs serious help and intervention.

Of course that didn't stop Piers Morgan from declaring on his show that Sheen was "alarmingly normal" as perhaps some justification for CNN's exploitation.

But this post isn't about Charlie. This post is about those who would use and profit off of people like Charlie with no real concern for helping them get better.

I'm sure these media outlets got their beloved ratings and yes we tuned in to watch this tragic trainwreck. But sorry guys, nuts ain't news.

I'm turning it off. And so should you.