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Catalyst West Coast is this week and there is a lot going on around here. The plan is to do less "official" posts this week and do more pictures and videos from the event. I will tweet a bunch of stuff too.


1. On Wednesday we will be doing a "People of the Second Chance" lab. Jud, Tony, and myself will be presenting on a process for leveraging failure for future success. It's at 11am in the Life Development Building.

2. Get to the lab early because we will be handing out POTSC stickers and pins.

3. We officially unveil the POTSC car which will help raise funds for the Mobile Homeless. Check out this new initiative while at the conference!

4. Jud will be hosting Catalyst West with Tripp and Tyler.

5. We premiere the brand spankin new People of the Second Chance video in the main session.

6. Lori Wilhite (Jud's better half) and Kay Warren are hosting a Leading And Loving It event for Pastors wives. It's on Friday, April 23rd during the Catalyst West Coast Conference 12:15-1:45. Limited seats so please register by clicking here.

7. Btw, if you see us out and about, please come say Hi! It would be great to meet you!

8. We cancelled the POTSC party at Zovs on Thursday night. We didn't realize their was an evening session with Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin at the exact same time. Bummer.

9. And don't forget The Junkyard on Tuesday morning at 9, 10, 11am and 6pm PST.

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