Posted by Mike Foster: As many of you know, I self published my brand new book Gracenomics. So I thought I would share some insights on self publishing.

THE GOOD: You get to make all the decisions and be in charge. THE BAD: You are 100% responsible for all those invoices and bills.

THE GOOD: We have sold almost 3000 copies of Gracenomics since it released in Oct. THE BAD: I have no clue on how we will sell another 3000 to pay off the rest of the debt.

THE GOOD: You get to be a part of a risk taking adventure and be a renegade! THE BAD: You get to unpack and store thousands of books in your already crammed garage.

THE GOOD: That amazing feeling when you see the printed book for the first time. WOOT! THE BAD: The depression you feel when you find several spelling errors and mistakes.

THE GOOD: You get to offer a 20% discount at the POTSC store to your blog readers. Coupon code is: POTSC THE BAD: It's only good for the next 2 weeks.

THE GOOD: The support you get from friends, bloggers, Tweeters and influencers. THE BAD: Grumpy mean people that bust your chops because of what you said in the book.

THE GOOD: The incredible opportunity to launch your book at the Catalyst Conference in ATL. THE BAD: Being so sick in bed that you miss the conference AND the launch of your book.

THE GOOD: You get to set art direction and pick the color palette of black and red. THE BAD: The big 2 on the cover is accidentally printed PINNNNNK! It is suppose to be REEEEDDDDD! Cover Fail! Btw, we have ordered new covers!

But in the spirit of turning lemons (pink 2's) into "pink" lemonade, I came up with an idea to celebrate this accidental cover mistake.

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is such an important issue that impacts so many lives. Including some of my family members.

Well my book cover is currently pink. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. BAM!

So here is what I'm doing. Starting today and for the next 2 weeks, for every copy of Gracenomics that is sold through the POTSC store, we will give $1 to the Susan G. Komen fund. 1 book=$1 This includes bulk orders too! Email Kristen(at) for sweet discounts.

It is a perfect lemons into pink lemonade scenario.

And for all you who have been dreaming about writing a book...Absolutely do it! Pursue it! Risk it! It is the best and hardest thing you will ever do! Energizing and frustrating! Thrilling and depressing. Every moment thus far...TOTALLY WORTH IT!


Mike Foster