Posted by Mike Foster: I'm a bad loser. I really am.

In sports I play to win...and that's the ONLY outcome I expect.

And frankly I'm kind of jerk when things don't go well on the court. I really don't like that about myself.

So for the past 10 years I just haven't played. It's easier that way and I don't have to deal with my inner jerk that comes out.

Though these days I'm trying to get better perspective on this unflattering part of my soul.

My problem is that as I play to win I lose sight that the REAL point is to be in the game. To be a participant.

Winning is cool. Losing is not fun. But being part of the action is EVERYTHING!!!

I love what Ervin Lutzer the pastor at Moody Church says...

"Better to have taken some risks and lost some battles than to have retreated from the war."

I'm beginning to believe that outcomes are probably not as important as we think they are.

But I'm certain of this: Removing ourselves from life makes us the ultimate loser.

So what have you removed yourself from because it was just easier that way? What do you need to reengage?