Posted by Mike Foster: I'm excited that this week we are going to be launching and talking about a lot of new POTSC items.

I wanted to spend the week filling you in on a bunch of stuff you probably are not aware of.

You will get the inside scoop on all things POTSC. What's happening? What's new? What's coming? Our team. Our focus for 2011.

I thought I would kick it off with a few smaller tid bit items today.

1. Last week I spent 2 days in strategic meetings with Garry Poole who is the countries foremost expert on small groups development, processes and strategy. We kicked off the development of a premium POTSC curriculum to be used in small groups. Garry is now part of the POTSC team and will be pointman on helping us develop POTSC processes, content and curriculum. Fall 2011 release.

2. Catalyst West is next week. Are you going? We are so don't miss our Second Chance LAB! Also, do you want to represent POTSC and help us out? Email Ashley(at)

3. Do you have the new POTSC desktops and Iphone wallpapers? Click here.

4. Not sure if you knew this or not...but People of the Second Chance is a 501-c3 non-profit. That means our work is funded through donations, grants and your generosity. Are you or your church interested in helping? Email Kristen(at)

5. I FINALLY turned in my manuscript about comebacks and second chances to Harper One. Will be working on revisions and edits over the next month with a release in February 2012. Btw, I might be needing a few of your stories to put in the book.

6. We're shooting a 4 part teaching series for my book Gracenomics. We are shooting it with Prolifik Films on March 8 in Chicago. It will be part of a new Gracenomics small group resource to help facilitate conversations around second chances. It will include the book, video and a Gracenomics discussion guide. Available April 4.

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