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Posted by Mike Foster: Mike on Twitter

1. Last week I was in Bangkok,Thailand hanging with some incredible people in an amazing country. Posted some pics above! Friends above are Daniel, (Me), Scott, Jimmy, Jeannie, Freddy, Dave. Also I ate a mini mini mini burger.

2. The People of the Second Chance shirts arrive today. They will be available next week. Shirt plus the sticker: $15

3. I love this OK GO video.

4. Next week both Jud and I celebrate our birthdays. We are "maturing."

5. On Monday I will be posting the first part of my interview with Gayle Haggard. We talk Oprah, forgiving, and her darkest hours.

6. On my 18 hour flight to Asia I watched the WORST and the BEST movies I've seen this year. 2012 and The Blind Side. You figure out which is which.

7. Having a hard time keeping your commitments? This site might help.

8. Only 26 more days until our first ever POTSC Online Event.

Have a great weekend!

Mike Foster