IMG_1260 Posted by Mike Foster:

I wanted to update you on some exciting stuff.

1. My family and I will be living in Bangkok, Thailand for the Summer. I will be developing some new initiatives for POTSC, building relationships, working on PlainJoe business, and hanging with some Newsong BKK friends. We leave LA at the end of July and will be back October 1.

2. In the fall we will be releasing a hardback mini-book about the power of a second chance and how grace can transform EVERYTHING! We will be releasing this self published "zip book" at Catalyst.

3. I have just accepted an offer from Harper One to publish a book called "People of the Second Chance."

The book will come out late next year and will be a creative and practical exploration at how we can be second chance people. It will be full of fresh ideas on grace, strategies for second chancers, killer designs, oozing with pop-culture sensibilities, and a couple super secret surprises. I'm pretty sure it won't be like any other book out there.

Another change is that Jud and I will not be co-writing it together. It's just plain ole me this time. As Jud and I talked through the POTSC strategy, schedules, other projects that are in motion for both Jud and myself, we decided that I would write this book.

And for all you drama lovers...Yes, Jud and I are still BEST FRIENDS, yes we are still working together, yes Jud is still part of POTSC and yes it's TOTALLY STUPID that I have to say this.

That's it for now! A lot more news and details are on the horizon.

Thanks again for all your love and support. You guys are incredible!

Mike Foster