Screen shot 2010-04-24 at 7.17.20 PM In the hustle and bustle I forgot to post this. Oops! Sorry.

Sooooooo congrats Joy Eggerichs for winning the POTSC Crappiest Job Ever Award!

We added up all the votes from Twitter, Facebook, and the blog and you are the CLEAR winner! It wasn't even close!

Email and she will hook you up with a sweet POTSC shirt and Starbucks card!

What clinched the win for Joy? Well...

Joy had to work in a Middle Eastern Restaurant where her boss sent the chef home early one night, dimmed the lights and invited 6 of his adult male friends in. He then turned on Mariah Carey (full blast) and told her to dance while they waved dollar bills. She was 15 at the time! Ouch!

Mike Foster