"Even if things get worse, at some point they will get better." (Jaleel King)

Jaleel King had the kind of accident that can leave a man broken and bitter for life.  When he was 8, an angry neighbor shot Jaleel with a sawed-off shotgun because he was annoyed at the fireworks they were setting off.  Jaleel lost a kidney, part of a lung, and part his liver.  His spine was also damaged, and he woke up wheelchair-bound.

In the years after the shooting, Jaleel has managed to use photography to make his life anything but broken.  With his gifts, he has brought joy and hope to countless others, and is the definition of what it means to not quit.

On this #noquitmonday, we'd love for you to check out Jaleel's amazing second chance story below.  After, share your thoughts in the comment section, and let us know how you're choosing not to quit today! (direct link to video)

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Fearless Jaleel King: Against All Odds from Mike Allebach on Vimeo.

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