A Surprising Discovery About Your Physical Heart And Sadness

When my dad had open heart surgery, the doctors warned our family that he may be more sensitive afterward. If the human heart is physically touched it is more prone to depression, sadness and feeling all emotion more deeply. Interesting isn’t it how our physical and spiritual hearts are so connected?

While you may not have had open heart surgery, you have had something touch your heart. An encouraging word. Love returned from people you care about. An unexpected gift. Or maybe you’ve even had something break your heart. The loss of a relationship. A dream crushed. An insult.

All these things, the good and the bad, have left imprints on our hearts. We all need someone or something to help us sift through our soul and heal what’s broken.

Broken hearts can heal. Shame can be broken. Life can begin again. And it all starts with you, the rescuer.

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Mike Foster