By Pete Wilson: Recently, I took one of my weekly trips to Lowe’s. I can’t even remember exactly what I needed but there’s something about Lowe’s that I just love. I could spend hours walking around that place coming up with things I “need.”

After I found what I was looking for I headed to the outdoor checkout counter which I thought would be faster. As I rounded the corner with my one, maybe two items I saw the lady in front of me with several (as in 4 or 5) push carts full of flowers and plants. I knew it was a mistake to get behind her, but I was already committed and somewhat stuck.

I had NEVER seen one individual buying so many flowers and one time. I thought, “Surely they have a special line for people buying this much stuff.” It literally took the checkout guy a solid ten minutes to ring up all of her stuff. I grew increasingly frustrated and in my passive aggressive manner started huffing and looking up and to the right every 30 to 45 seconds.

I even took the following picture with the intention of twittering a smart alec remark.

But then it happened. You might be asking, “What happened?” It was what I call the perspective bomb.

The guy behind the counter, who was also somewhat perplexed by the large quantity of flowers, bravely asked the lady what she was going to do with all of this.

The lady hesitated for a second and then replied, “My best friend found out this week she has stage four breast cancer. She’s always wanted a really nice garden so I’m going over to her house to plant all of this for her to enjoy when she gets back from the hospital.”

Boom! That’s a perspective bomb.

Instantly everything changed. I was no longer focused on my self-centered, ego-driven, desires to get out of there as quickly as I could. I was suddenly reminded what a gift it was for me to be standing there waiting in line.

I was blessed to be there and be healthy.

I was blessed to be there and be able to afford to make my purchase.

I was blessed as I thought about countless friends who would probably do similar things for me if I ever found myself in such a horrible position.

Amazing how a little perspective can change everything isn’t it?

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