By Kimberlee Dunn: I vividly remember the pain of staring at my reflection with self-hatred, wanting to hurt myself or pull out my hair and feel some sort of release. My life was a mess and I secretly grieved for the life I thought I was supposed to be living.

Then I did what so many of us do. I slapped on a huge smile and lived a public lie of perfection. I presented what I believed everyone wanted me to be.

Can you relate?

The difficulty of keeping the façade going? The pain of living a lie? The deafening silence of isolation?

One day, someone shared their story with me, and I realized I wasn’t alone. I shared my own story, and felt love and acceptance in return. I vividly remember the hope that came with that moment.

And that is why I love People of the Second Chance -- a courageous community of people who share their pains and struggles, and an unwavering belief that there really are second chances. We are a community that’s committed to loving each other where we are and encouraging each other to not give up.

That is also why I took the bold step of starting a POTSC Group in my own community. Together, we’re taking the conversation of radical grace offline and into our everyday lives, discovering new ways accept grace and share it with others. The time with my group has been incredible; they inspire me, cry with me, love with me, challenge me and make me laugh harder than I ever have before.

I encourage you to make that bold step for yourself. Take a chance, find the time, and be a part of mobilizing the message of grace and second chances!