Posted by Mike Foster: Here is who I give grace to:

1. People who I like.

2. People who have failed the same way I have.

3. People who can offer me something in the future.

4. People who everyone else has already shown grace to.

5. People who will not make me regret giving them grace.

6. People who only need a small amount of grace.

7. People who simply don't know better.

8. People who have groveled, begged and pleaded for grace...and then begged harder.

9. People who gave me grace...first.

My grace giving is weak...stunted...and mainstream.

Malcolm Muggeridge says "Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream."

If I only give grace to these people then I am dead inside.

I want to be part of the scandal...not swim with the stream.

Safe grace seems like it's not really grace at all.

I am part of the problem. I'm just like everyone else.

God help me change!!!

Mike Foster