4 Super Simple Keys to Help Change the World

1. The fuel for world change is a truthful and trustful you.

So often in our own passions and dreams, we’re not honest with those. We get boxed in with expectations and what we should be about. Only you can bring what only you can bring. Our callings are different from each other. Reinventing comes from a place of truth, from who and where we are…good things, and things that we’ve failed at.

The greatest gift you can give the world is becoming the person you were uniquely meant to be. (You’re not meant to be anyone except who God created you to be.)

Freedom is found when we let go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embrace who we really are. When you’re doing someone else’s calling, it's frustrating and tiresome.

There is nothing holy, godly, or admirable about a “calling” that leaves you drained, empty and exhausted.

“I have done my best” is a great philosophy for life and for your mission.

2. Courage is required. Safety is deadly.

Our world is in a constant deficit of courage…and is drowning in fear. Our culture often limps along because so few people act courageously.

Our definition of courage is: to truthfully live your story, being who you really are, unashamed and with all your heart.

3. A pound of doing is better than a ton of promising

World change requires you to become action biased. Grow to hate meetings…instead, love doing things. Get out there and start practicing it.

God is in the “yes” business. If you’re 100% sure, then your strategy is a 100% wrong. The military works on an 80% rule…they have to be 80% sure before they move. Don’t wait on 100%

certainty! Grow a backbone, not a wishbone. Don’t have another meeting…do what you love!

4. Don’t fix problems that are not really problems.

We’re guilty of dealing with symptoms rather than core problems.

Target the people who are on the outside. We all come across people who are overlooked, marginalized and minimized.

Go for the people everybody else is passing by. Be a friend to those who others leave behind.

What’s your world-changing idea? What’s stopping you from going after that?


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