4 Myths People Believe About Finding a Soulmate

The whole idea of soulmates is wonderful, but it holds many people back. We spend so much time searching for “the one,” we miss out on everything else. So many people base their entire love life around the concept of a soulmate. Sadly, the myths about soulmates actually make us strive for something that doesn't exist in the way we're taught to believe. A lot of times, we look at it from a fantasy point of view. We see the Bachelor or Bachelorette or the movie scenes and we imagine our relationships looking like that.

We start to believe our soulmate will appear out of thin air and then we will live happily ever after! ...BUT  in actuality, a real relationship looks more like farming than fantasy.

I’ll explain what I mean by that.

Fantasy standpoint - its all rainbows and unicorns; we're always in love. It's those warm tingly feelings where everything works out and you are deeply connecting. We all know that’s not necessarily how relationships work all the time.

That is why relationships look more like farming.  They take a lot of work, and you have got to have a lot of tools. There are different seasons. Sometimes we have winter where relationships are not going very well, or spring when relationships are thriving.

Below are Four Common Myths We Believe About Finding Our Soulmate:

1. If I Find the Right One, Everything Will Be Alright

We think if we just find our soulmate, everything will be perfect. Kind of like that scene from Jerry Maguire, “You complete me.” That’s a myth. Not true.

2. It’s All About Chemistry

Don't get me wrong, chemistry is important in a relationship BUT character trumps chemistry. Chemistry will sustain us through short terms and certain seasons but character is really what’s going to help us have a long healthy relationship.

3. It's Love at First Sight

That tingly feeling when you see someone across the room can actually be common sense leaving your body. That’s why it is so important to seek out council and use a lot of wisdom going into our relationships.

4. We’re Running Out of Time

A lot of times, we feel we are getting older, we haven’t found the right one, or maybe we're rushing into marriage. Slowing down the relationship is one of the healthiest things you can do. Remember: Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.

Tip to Avoid Falling Into the Fantasy World:

Start dealing with your own baggage. When you focus on your personal health it effects your relationships and leads to less baggage. So get healthy!

God doesn’t create just ONE person for us, there are a lot of people that we are compatible with. Don't fall into the soulmate myth!




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