20,000 Inmates Lives Impacted by Freeway

Separated from family, children and loved ones, inmates carry a heavy burden during the Christmas season. We are so excited to have partnered with Willow Creek Community Church to bring a copy of  "Freeway: A Not-So-Perfect Guide to Freedom" workbook to 20,000 inmates.

This Christmas, 20,000+ incarcerated men and women will know that they are not forgotten. 20,000+ people will find hope in a hopeless place. 20,000+ stories impacted by the God of grace and second chances.

We've only just scratched the surface in giving hope to inmates. Want to join the movement?  In order to respond to the requests we're receiving from different correctional facilities and prison systems around the country we've created multiple ways you can get involved.

  1. Head to potsc.com/care for information on how to sponsor "We Care Kits"  
  2. Purchase a stylish, comfortable POTSC hoodie or t-shirt through December 25th and we'll give one "We Care Kit" to an inmate at potsc.com/store
  3. Go through Freeway: A Not-So-Perfect Guide to Freedom yourself! Freeway is a soul-shaking, smile-invoking adventure. More information at potsc.com/freeway

Thank you for your support and help in changing lives!

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