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By December 3, 2012 Blog 3 Comments

“Don’t quit” is easier said than done. POTSC believes in the power of community, and the strength to Keep-On-Keepin’-On that comes from sharing our stories of grace and forgiveness.  We also believe in providing tools that empower us all to overcome our past and embrace a future of promise.

Freeway is one of those tools.  It’s a special project we’ve been working on and it’s just about ready to be released to the world.  Freeway: Six Steps to Freedom is a small group study that will be our primary resource for transforming lives.

People will learn to:

  • Kick perfectionism to the curb and learn to be OK with being OK.
  • Decide to let your identity and value be shaped by a loving God.
  • Stop focusing on your hurt and embrace your opportunity to give back.
  • Break cycles of shame and feeling like you’re “never enough.”
  • Discover how pain, fear and our hurts hijack our God story.
  • Finally allow yourself to be loved by the one who loves you most.


What we need now is your help us to raise $20,000 to design, print and duplicate! In the past couple of days, we’ve already raised over $3000!  We also have some incredible perks and special gifts for our supporters. 

Check out our Campaign website and learn even more about Freeway and how you can help fund this amazing program!

People of the Second Chance is a recognized 501-c3 charity organization, so all your donations are tax deductible.


  • I wear a wrist band from RoadID that says, “I never Give UP!” That sounds to me like it could come from POTSC. I know this is not want you want to hear Mike but I would love to help, but am unable to. But I will continue supporting and promoting POTSC.

  • mohan37 says:

    Bill, even if you can’t donate, you can still help by spreading the word :) Every little bit helps!

  • Mike Foster says:

    hey bill…i just love having you part of this community my friend! and your wristband sounds awesome! m.

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