By Mike Foster
Co-Founder and Chief Chance Officer

Honestly, I wish our story had started differently. We had no ribbon cutting or celebratory ground breaking. No blind idealism or inspirational grand opening.

Our movement known as “People of the Second Chance” was birthed out of failure. In 2009, Jud Wilhite and I were leading an organization that encouraged leaders to live with radical integrity and grace.

In March, 2009 a small, online activist group labeled our message as racially insensitive and called for a boycott of our publisher and our content. Twenty days later, our publisher removed our content from store shelves and the once thriving organization collapsed. It was a painful, very public ending.

So in the midst of this storm, we started a simple WordPress blog. We called it “People of the Second Chance” and it was a place to process thoughts on grace and second chances. As we shared on the blog, something beautiful started to happen.

We found fellow second chancers, misfits, fighters and friends who shared a common story. Each one of us were looking for ways to breathe again and know that our stories didn’t end in the valley. All of us wanted to belong and live our dreams…no matter what we had done and no matter how hard we had fallen.

In October, 2010 People of the Second Chance became an official organization. We launched a simple website, put out our manifesto called “Gracenomics” and activated an online community to live out grace.